Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lit Crawl II: "How To Cook A Rack of Lamb" performed!

Rachel Resnick makes ocra sexy on Twitpic
Lit Crawl II reading at The Echo
Rachel Resnick makes okra sexy says PEN Center West on Twitpic

Just in from debuting The Art Of Boiling Water material at a helluva venue. Lit Crawl II, at The Echo in Silverlake. Honored to share stage with such talented writers. Lots more to say but gotta crash. Can't stop smiling at the thrill of sharing brand-spanking new writing, from a whole new phase of life, in front of such a groovy audience, with the support of such spectacular, generous and inspiring friends. What was I thinking wearing a yellow oven mitt for the reading? Just silly. And that, like taking three days in my first attempt to bake a potato, or various other culinary mistakes, is okay. Love that PEN USA/West posted this Twitpic with the caption about me making okra sexy. Ha! My culinary coming out party! More posts TK, once I recuperate -- just wanted to share this with you. I read a condensed version of How To Cook A Rack Of Lamb, the previous blog post. Thanks for all your warm words and support. It's thanks to you I had the cojones to read it. Buona notte!



  1. Loved seeing this pic and the caption. And it's true! Congratulations xoxo